Greenish Lily Flower

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The pale green buds of the lilies, which had only opened a little yesterday, are now almost open.The petal is snow-white, the pistil is golden yellow, the leaf leaf is green, it is particularly conspicuous.Lily after lily is like a small trumpet.

Lily, a symbol of holy and auspicious, the bride holding lily,  meaning a hundred years of good together, Pepsi.Lily is a graceful herbaceous flower, one flower per stem, shaped like a trumpet, often faint fragrance.There are many lilies in the wild in the tropics.Lilies are regarded as a symbol of "prosperity, wealth and responsibility" by countries all over the world. ( More Cute Phone Cases )There is a famous saying in Europe, "the lily is better than Solomon" (Solomon is the king of Israel).Lily purity in Christianity, the lily symbolizes purity, chastity and innocence. Lily bouquets are often seen in Christian homes at Easter because they symbolize the resurrection of Jesus.Lily is a symbol of maternal love in China.At a Roman and Greek wedding. Lily is a symbol of purity and innocence, with the lily with ears of wheat as the bride's headdress, meaning that the grain harvest, a hundred years of good together.In the middle ages, lilies symbolized the beauty of women.The lily represents a pure heart.Lilies are colorful, and most people associate white lilies with innocence and sweetness.The white lily is considered the flower of the virgin, and the yellow lily expresses gratitude and happiness.

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