Wintersweet - one flower a day

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Plum flower is the strongest flower, in all the flowers fade, but the wintersweet is strong, not afraid of winter open on the trunk, wintersweet is forever, it opens in the cold winter flowers, in other seasons open a lush leaves, this is also the figure of wintersweet, wintersweet strong spirit makes me admire.

Is the plum flower the only flower left in winter? Or are they the first flowers to bloom in spring?When the snow breaks the branches, the flowers wither and the plum flowers come under the snow.But when winter comes and spring comes, and all things wake up, and the garden is full of flowers, the plum flower goes first.To follow the snow?Or do you leave the spring it brings with you?

Although wintersweet looks so fragile, in fact, it has an iron general will and indomitable indomitable spirit.We should learn this kind of it and never give in to difficulties.

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