How to press strawberry tutorial by Pressed Flowers Tools

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In order to let the novice can pressed fruit successfully once, there are many pictures and texts in this article, please be patient 

to read, this tutorial mainly teaches you the method of pressed strawberry, strawberry is one of the most difficult fruit to pressure, 

learn to pressure strawberry, other fruit will be easy to handle, long text does not mean very complicated, as long as follow the 

steps to go, you can do it successfully once.

Main materials:
Embossed plate, organza, fruit

Required tools:
Paper towels/old newspapers/kitchen paper, Tweezers, Fruit knife OR Scissors, Cutting board

Production steps:
Step 1:


Step 2: 

See so wonderful fruit embossed mobile phone shell, and embossed fruit basket, want to also press strawberry these fruits by oneself? 

Let's try it.

Step 3:

Prepare embossed board, fruit, fruit knife, scissors

Step 4:

Lots of toilet paper/kitchen paper

Step 5:

Choose the oval shape for the strawberries
Hard is better
Ripe soft rotten should not be made
Cut the small strawberries in half
A larger strawberry can be cut into three pieces
Keep the strawberry peels and press them out to make them look more like strawberries

Step 6:

After strawberry is cut, usable paper towel absorbs the moisture of the surface first

Step 7:

Dig the flesh out of the strawberries with your fingers
Digging with a knife is not recommended
Strawberries are too fragile
Easy to scrape bad

Step 8:

You don't have to dig very thin for the strawberries to look good.The middle piece of strawberry doesn't need digging! Only the two 

sides with sesame seeds need to be dug

Step 9:

Dry the water

Step 10:

If it were any other fruit, it would fit into the pressed flowers tool at this time
Strawberries are not good yet
Too much water
Be honest
Don't be impatient
Refill with paper towels to absorb moisture
Take the trouble to eat them
Then watch TV

Step 11:

Cover the top and bottom with organza and place more tissue on both sides

Step 12:

Put 2 to 3 kilograms of weight on it

Step 13:

After about an hour, the strawberries will be pressed out of water
If there's still a lot of water
You can repeat it once or twice

Step 14:

Important step before moving into the drying board!Remove paper towels stuffed inside strawberries!

Step 15:

First put a drying plate on the pressure (wood) plate

Step 16: 

Place a thick stack of tissues/newspaper/kitchen paper on a drying board
This is to absorb the juice of the strawberry
What's more important is not to let the suction board leave the juice of the fruit
We can use the suction board for several years

Step 17:

Press the step that presses a flower roughly fruit
Remember to cover both sides of the fruit with smooth organza
Because fruit has a lot of pectin and sugar
If you don't use organza
When the fruit dries, it sticks directly to the paper and cannot be removed
Notice the diagram below

Step 18: 
Put the strawberries into the pressed flowers tool
Remember that the straps must not be too tight
The strawberries will rot if they are too tight
The size of the embossing device shown in the picture is 20*26cm
There are 5 layers of fruit pressed together
About 20-25 slices per layer.

Step 19:

Put it in a sealed bag and wait patiently

Step 20:

Open one day later, check the pressing situation and replace with a wet tissue

Step 21:

If there is an obvious board fall, wet feeling, it is recommended to continue to suppress the drying board.This time a total of 2 

pounds of strawberries (about 40pcs strawberries), a total of 100 slices, if the novice does not want to change the board, it is 

recommended that a pressure of about 1 pound of strawberries, will be relatively easy, no need to dry the board.The tutorial USES our 

big pressed flowers tool.

Step 22:

Family can use microwave oven drying, dry plate, if there isn't a turntable microwave oven, proposed to the board mat is high, ours is 

both the front and the microwave 2 minutes to dry, drying the board suggested for the first time 1 minute, high fire or high fire, 

test the home microwave oven temperature, adjust the length of time and temperature, don't slack off 3 minutes at a time, and may 

damage the board oh, drying good boards will be very hot, cool to use.Or, use a blower to blow hot air on both sides for a little 


Step 23:

Two days later...
Use the method that changes drying board midway, need 2 days to be able to press the fruit only, drying board adds a lot of paper 

towel up and down, there is no trace on the board, the left side is the strawberry that big pressed flowers tool presses (total 100 

pieces), the right side is the kiwi that small pressed flowers tool presses (total 45 pieces).

Step 24:

If you pull the organza up and down, the fruit will fall off

Step 25:

Be sure to check the fruit for dryness

Step 26:

The pressed fruit must be put into a safekeeping bag for safekeeping, it is easy to get damp and become bad

Step 27:

Another kiwi, blueberry, cherry, lemon pressure method
Cut cherries, blueberries, etc. in half and cut out the flesh
Lemon kiwi fruit and so on need to cut thin slice, must cut very thin

Step 28:

Pressed cherry

Step 29:

Pressed kiwi and blueberries

Step 30:

Ashely used our embossed board to press the fruit. The thickness of the fruit slices can be referred to hers

Step 31:

Step 32:

Step 33:

The fruit and vegetable pressed by Japanese craftsman, nomatter what can press

Step 34:

Tips: Pressing a fruit is not difficult actually, need to have the patience of 8 and +2 carefulness can succeed for certain, must use 

organza to help press a fruit,  the fruit can stick to go up in paper not to take down,wish you success! Welcome to shop: for more pressed flowers phone cases, pressed flowers tools, etc.

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