Eternal flower Persian chrysanthemum dry flower soft glue iphone samsung phone case

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Where is a good:
The use of real flower seiko production, bright color, not rot is not bad;
High quality silicone material, soft and comfortable feel, scratch resistance and fall resistance;
The center of the flower is decorated with pearls, and the appearance is luxurious and textured;

Appearance highlights:
This eternal flower Persian chrysanthemum pressed flower phone case, the use of true flower seido production, after a number of procedures will be in full bloom flowers permanently sealed, color bright, not corrupt not bad.Transparent silica gel material, let the flowers in full bloom more conspicuous suction eyeball.

Material analysis:
This clear real flowers phone cases is made of high-quality silicone soft shell material, which feels soft and comfortable, and is scratch resistant and fall resistant.The shell is made of true flower precision.

And into, bright color, not rot not bad;The center of the flower is decorated with pearls, and the exterior is luxurious with texture.Hole a precise, quads 360 °soft edges all packages, more effectively resist external shocks.

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