The Exclusive Crystal Shoes of the Twelve Constellations

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Every girl needs a pair of glass slipper to realize her princess dream. Tread the most beautiful crystal shoe, let oneself accumulate self-confidence, there is big pattern in the heart, of the life goes smooth bumper. Let's have a look at the exclusive crystal shoes of the twelve constellations!

Sagittarius -- do not stick to trifling matters, greatly careless disposition, resemble a long not big girl, it is to put the little schoolgirl feelings that wearing bowknot forever.

Leo -- the Leo of nobility and elegance, need diamond to foil her beauty, the diamond that glaring ray, make public as she high-profile individual character.

Gemini - clever Gemini, emotional intelligence quite high, know the social sense of proportion, know in the crowd to find their own appropriate position, a pair of sexy elegant jock glass shoes.

Virgo - the cautious virgo, not too low-key, not too publicity, in the right style, full of confidence, temperament.

Aries -- passionate Aries, dare to challenge, dare to love dare to hate, swagger forward, fearless, as this tall and straight heels, self-confidence shine.

Aquarius -- temperamental and ethereal Aquarius, nobility is what send out inside bone, need not decorate too much and foil, common a pair of crystal shoe, more low-key more costly.

Capricorn - low-key connotation, timely hide their light, in the years of precipitation, to release their greatest potential, simple and generous crystal shoes, low-key luxury.

Cancer - a pair of plain crystal shoes, leading the virtuous and gentle cancer embrace happiness.

Libra -- enchanting and not coquettish, sexy and elegant wind model, only libra suits to deduce most.

Pisces -- pink fine auger is melting and decorous, foil gives the thick thick girl feelings of dreamy Pisces.

Scorpio -- black represents classic eternity, just like the cold feeling and mystery of Scorpio, which makes people want to be close to them.

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